Sunday, June 3, 2018

One Degree Change Doesn't Sound too Bad....What's the Big Deal??

What’s going to happen during that big question mark around the one-degree change? We’re already seeing the impacts of warming. Our weather is changing, and seasons are shifting. Droughts are becoming longer and well, drier. Then, when the rains come, they’re stronger and inundate the now-parched land, causing floods – and  the results are serious.

This Time, It’s Personal.

That’s what’s happening with our weather. But what else is going on? We wouldn’t put up with a person who behaves like that guy.... someone who moves into our environment and changes everything that was normal and comfortable. Why should we wait to take action on climate?

Climate Change Is Rough For People (And The Rest Of The Residents On Planet Earth)

As the seasons shift and unexpectedly extreme events become the norm, wildlife has to adapt – or die.  The climate change shuffle  indicates that species are trying to learn to stay alive.

  The Signs Are Everywhere

Let’s face it – the signs are everywhere. If these species could protest, they would – This is how it would look when a climate change denier is confronted with the wisdom of mother nature.

Despite All the Evidence, Some People Still Just Don’t Get It.

We’re seeing the signs more and more. Strange seasons, extreme weather, hotter heat waves, and species changing their behaviors just to survive. And yet every winter without fail, there’s that one guy who says “So much for global warming!” as soon as the thermometer drops below 32 degrees.

Risky Behavior

Say you surveyed 100 structural engineers, and 97 said a nearby bridge is structurally unsound and driving over it would be dangerous. Would you take the advice of the only three who disagreed, and proceed to drive over that bridge ?
It’s the same thing with climate change: 97 percent (or more) of climate scientists say climate change is real, and caused by humans. So do you believe that other remaining 3 percent and ignore the risks? Here’s what would happen if you apply that same reasoning to other areas.

Trust The Scientists. They Know What They’re Talking About.

That politician did not have a clue what the consensus of scientists believe. And I don't think he cared.
 Scientists are experts in their fields, much like the structural engineers you asked about that bridge. Or the doctors you see at the hospital. That’s why we trust their recommendations. You don’t have to know the minutiae of every scientific study on climate change – you just need to trust valid science on the subject. Most of all, please don’t believe this politician from a recent New Yorker cartoon!

The Times, They Are A-Changin’.

Together, we’ve solved a lot of tremendous problems the world has faced, and made wondrous advances in the span of decades, or even years that naysayers swore could never happen. Just look at computers: They used to take up an entire room. Now they fit in the palm of your hand.
'Not My Earth, Not My Problem' demonstrates the stark difference between advances in our computer technology and advances in our energy systems. Which sparks the question: with all the incredible advances in wind and solar we’ve seen recently, why aren’t we making bigger and faster changes to our energy system?

I have to say it....I'm a big fan of alternative, renewable energy

We can make changes to our energy. In fact, the shift to power our lives – and the economy – with clean, renewable energy is already underway. As Bob Dylan said, the answer is blowin’ in the wind. We can transition from dirty, dated fossil fuel energy to clean sources like wind and solar power. And when it comes to that plan, we’ve got to say it: We’re big fans!

Put Your Knowledge To Use.

Put Your Knowledge To Use. Now that you’ve got the basics, it’s time to take action. You’ve got the drive — help stop climate change by supporting leaders who make climate solutions, like more fuel-efficient vehicles. And who support research into alternative fuels.


  1. Aunt Knight Jeannie,
    If climate change was a dude , I would sic mama on him , when he got his butt off the couch he would have a changed attitute .
    If people would take the time to observe their surrounding they could see the changes , if they feed the birds or have a birdbath as most people have in their garden they would see there is not as many birds chirping or as many squirrels running around.
    People don't get it because it is slowing creeping upon them , look out because the pace has picked up speed .
    Some people think it's smart to take risks with their lives including others people lives also , who else are we to trust besides the scientists , they have devoted their lives to their careers as any other profession .
    Yeah , times are changing all except the big oil company and environment deniers .
    Hurrah for alternative , renewable energy .
    You heard it loud and clear you awful climate change deniers .The tree huggerd will win , you betcha.
    That's telling them aunt Knight Jeannie , you put pictures on for those that can't read .
    Love you very much
    Knight Jonny C.

  2. June 4,2018
    This month-----53

  3. Thank you Knight Jonny
    You are so right about birds and small creatures. We have far fewer garden birds in Canada this year than at any other time. And fewer chipmunks oddly enough. Also the bees in Canada are in crisis at this moment. We are losing them so fast. People do notice fewer birds but they just shrug it off like my neighbor. Some people are blind because they refuse to see.
    Great idea to sic Mama on the non believers. It would take her five minutes to make believers out of them.. hahahaha!
    Much love to you buddy
    Knight Aunt Jeannie